Hello! I’m a mixer, engineer/producer, and drummer. I have my own mix studio here in LA, and work out of a handful of great studios around LA and the Bay Area. I also play drums on records and tours, co-founded Shortcake Music, and work at the Zoo Labs music residency as an engineer/producer.

Here’s some of my work over the years:


Emily Afton - TBA (mixer, engineer, drums, percussion, bass, synth)
HOLYCHILD - TBA, Glassnote Records (assistant engineer)
M. Lockwood Porter - Communion In The Ashes, Black Mesa Records (mixer, engineer, drums, percussion)
Lapel - Fumes (engineer)
Dario Slavazza - TBA (mixer)


Macy Gray - Ruby, Mack Avenue Records (assistant engineer)
Hellogoodbye - S’Only Natural, Wasted Summer Records (mixing assistant)
Emily Afton - Sylvia, AntiFragile Music (mixer, engineer, bass, synth)
Emily Afton - Back In San Francisco, AntiFragile Music (mixer, engineer, bass, percussion)
Katie Day - No Turning Back (drums)
Mojaui - Breathe (mixer, engineer)
Mojaui - Lunar Bloom (mixer, engineer)
King Dream - Patriot (mixer, engineer)
Eight Belles - TBA (mixer, drums)
M. Lockwood Porter - Stumbling Toward The Dawn, Black Mesa Records (mixer, engineer, drums, percussion, mastering)


Skyway Man - supporting Rayland Baxter
Emily Afton
King Dream


Donny McCaslin - Warszawa (mixer, engineer)
Kronos Quartet - Fifty for the Future: Seraphita (assistant engineer)
Los Rakas - Raka Love 2 (engineer)
Nicki Bluhm - Remember Love Wins (mixer, engineer)
The Stone Foxes - TBA (assistant engineer)
Pancho Morris - Great Again (engineer, drums)
Oceanography - TBA (mixer, engineer, drums, percussion, bass)
Lesley Kernochan - A Calm Sun (engineer)
The Rubinoos - Life In The Slow Lane/You Don’t Know Her Like I Do (assistant engineer)


M. Lockwood Porter


CAKE - TBA (assistant engineer)
M. Lockwood Porter - How To Dream Again, Black Mesa Records (mixer, engineer, drums)
Rebecca Marcyes - TBA (engineer, drums)
Annie Bacon - Nikki’s Song (engineer)
Annie Bacon - What We Said (engineer)
Catch Prichard - Eskota (drums)
Matthew Stewart - Sex Was Gold (engineer)


John Calvin Abney - Better Luck (drums, percussion)
Mary Bragg - Edge Of This Town (mixer, engineer)
Katie Day - Kids (drums, bass)
XUXA SANTAMARIA - Billionair Rainbow (mixer)
Brass Magic - Future Brass (engineer)
Teenager - The Magic Of True Love (mixer, engineer, drums)
Jensen Engineering - Album # One (mixer, engineer)


Katie Day - Burn It To The Ground (drums, bass, co-producer)
Kathleen Knighton - Brook Stones (co-producer, mixer, engineer, drums, percussion)


M. Lockwood Porter - two national tours, one supporting John Moreland


Sheila E. - Icon (assistant engineer)
Buckeye Knoll - Lovecreek (drums)
The California Honeydrops - Like You Mean It (assistant engineer)
Kelly McFarling - Ridgeline (assistant engineer)


Man In Space - Man In Space (drums)


I do flat rate, unattended mixing out of my studio in LA. This allows me to give projects the time they deserve, keep costs down, and always have familiar and reliable monitoring to work with. By doing all-in budgets in my own space, we never have to watch the clock, and I never have to wrap up a project before everyone is happy with the mixes. Please get in touch if you’d like a quote on your project!


Recorded music has tremendous power: together, we are creating art that will outlast ourselves and represent our best effort to realize your vision on tape (/“tape”). I love translating that vision into something that will connect with people, and I go into each session with the expectation that we will create the very best record you’ve ever made. As a freelance engineer with loads of experience in world-class recording studios, I’m comfortable working in a wide variety of recording situations. Recording is not a once-size-fits-all process, and it’s always inspiring to find the right environment for a given session. Sometimes that means a classic Hollywood studio. Sometimes that means an improvised space with rented gear. The bottom line is always to create an inspiring environment for you to make your best work, and that’s my goal at every step of the way. I’m always happy to talk about your project, whatever you have in mind.


I have played a huge variety of music since starting what was little more than a Green Day cover band in middle school. Soon I drew on my location growing up in the diverse musical landscape of the Bay Area to play everything from New Orleans-style funk, to heady improvised jazz, to dead simple but deeply nuanced singer-songwriter music. The music always comes first and I aim to support, whether in the studio or on the road.


I spend most of my time mixing in my own studio. It’s a streamlined, comfortable workspace that has exactly what I need. I have Focal Twin 6 Bes for monitoring, a fast, stable Pro Tools rig, and loads of great plugins (including lots of UAD, the full Slate bundle, Soundtoys, FabFilter, etc. etc.).

These are some of my favorite places to work out of for tracking sessions or attended mixing:


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